Fun Food Crafts For Kids

Justine Durrant

If you are looking for some new and fun activities to do with your kids, these are some fantastic options to start with. Spending time in the kitchen together is both good for the heart and the tummy. Have fun together messing and creating fun foods that you can enjoy together afterwards.

Waffle Brownies

Deborah Liu

Brownies are popular treat at our house. My husband loves to make it with the little ones in the evening with some homemade ice cream.  We pick up the Ghiradelli mix at Costco and the kids can dr...

Moffles - Mochi Waffles

Deborah Liu

One of our favorite desserts is daifuku (mochi with red bean filling), but my kids had trouble working with the hot mochi getting the bean inside.  Inspired by our new waffle iron, I decided to m...

Waffle Banana Bread

Deborah Liu

Adapted from three keys to cooking with kids is to keep the activity moving, create kids-sized tasks,...

Waffle Pizza

Deborah Liu

Pizza making is a great activity with the kids.  They get to pick their own toppings and eat their creations.  But I found that pizza was hard to make from scratch without a ton of time and...

Waffle Calzones

Deborah Liu

The kids really love cooking.  So I am always looking for new recipes that they can do on their own. A few weeks, we tried Waffle Pizza.  And it was great, but I had to finish it in the...

Homemade Gummy Lego Candy

Deborah Liu

I had been racking my brain for new activities, when I saw this YouTube video online for making Lego Gummy Candy.   It was such a cool idea that we had to try it at home.  We bought the...

Artisan Chocolates - Handmade

Deborah Liu

Our kids love chocolate. When I found some cute silicone candy molds online, we decided to try making homemade chocolates.  That is when the adventure started.  And I do mean adventure in the truest s...

Hello Kitty Sugar Cookies

Deborah Liu

We love cookie making with the kids. It has all of the fun of clay making, but without cluttering up the house with projects afterwards.  Rolled cookies are an easy way to let your kid's creativi...

Spritz Cookies

Deborah Liu

Spritz Cookies are remarkably simple to make and very kid friendly.  With a stand mixer, it only takes about 15 minutes of preparation, and you are onto the fun part.  I adapted the recipe t...

Smashburgers At Home

Deborah Liu

My 9 year-old wanted to learn how to cook, and one of the first recipes he asked to try is burgers.  I wanted something easy for him to make, yet delicious.  So when I found this recipe for...

Baked Wonton Fish

Deborah Liu

Our kids love crispy wontons, but I don't like to fry at home. So my sister and devised a healthier version for a winter night.  This recipe only takes 10 minutes and has only 3 ingredients. &nbs...

Homemade Doughnuts In 15 Minutes

Deborah Liu

My mom told me this secret recipe she learned when she managed a Chinese restaurant. Apparently they sold "Chinese donuts" also called "sa yeong" but made them out of Hungry Jack pop biscuit dough (ye...

Brunch Egg And Bacon Cups

Deborah Liu

We were home from church and only had an hour before we had a party to attend.  So I was looking for an easy thing we could make.  I have seeno someone make it on Facebook so I tried to adap...

Easy Mochi Candy

Deborah Liu

Mochi candy is super easy to make. In less than 30 minutes you can go from idea to yummy candy.  Traditional Mochi candy for New Year celebrations are pink and green so this New Year, we decided...

Homemade Daifuku Mochi In 30 Minutes

Deborah Liu

Daifuku Mochi is a traditional Japanese sweet that is fun to make at home.  It only has 5 ingredients and with modern technology, you can make it quickly in the microwave.  It does...

Whatever you decide to cook or bake with your kids, enjoy the mess and spending time with them. These cooking adventures will turn into special memories for years to come.










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