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Justine Durrant

These cakes are more than what meets the eye. Heavenly Cake is a gorgeous little miniature company, created by the talented Ayu. She creates the most mouth watering pieces that won't be finished in a single bite, but can be worn as cute jewelry pieces. Her clay creations are tasty looking little master pieces that definitely make you want to run to the nearest bake shop for a tea time snack. 

A word from the designer:

My name is Ayu, from Tokyo Japan. I’ve loved miniature stuff since I was a kid. I remember my parents gave me Sylvanian Families toys and I really liked playing with them every day when I was small.

When 4th year of elementary school came around, it was the very first time that I made a dollhouse by myself. It was a miniature Sushi shop using wood and paper clay for miniature food. After that I didn’t make any miniatures for a long time.

when I was a uni student, I found there were some tutorial books of making miniature food published. Foods on the book looked really realistic and it made me really want to give it a try. I started to try to make “realisitic” miniature food since then. In Japan, polymer clay such as Fimo and Premo is not common for making miniatures. Air dry clay(resin clay) is much popular instead, so I had to use air dry clays for making miniature food for a couple of years, but it was not very successful.


In 2012 I had an opportunity to attend a workshop of a famous British miniaturist, Angie Scarr at Dollhouse miniatures show in Tokyo. Until then, I had never used oven bake clay(polymer clay) so it was very interesting to learn about the clay and her technique.

After this valuable experience, I got so interested in using polymer clay for miniature food and tried to learn how to handle polymer clay from Youtube videos.I found using polymer clay made things much easier for me to make miniatures than using air dry clay. As my shop name is “HeavenlyCake”, I especially enjoy making cakes and desserts and have been inspired by miniature crafters who make cakes too. I started selling my polymer clay creations such as food jewelry online since 2012.

In 2016 summer, I ran my own booth for the first time and sold miniatures at the one of biggest miniatures shows in Japan. I am always very thankful to customers who bought my creations and people  from all over the world who like my pieces. Their kind words really motivated me to keep going.

A word from the Maker Heart Team:

Thank you for sharing your cute and tasty little creations with us. We wish you much luck for the future and hope to see you on Maker Heart again.

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