Get To Know: Mondoinundito Creations

Justine Durrant

Maker Heart will have a new Get to Know “series” of articles featuring designers and their creations. Our very first designer profile is on Mondoinundito Creations.

A word from the designer:
”My name is Serena -but I prefer Sere- and I am a 25 years old self-taught crafter/artist. I know that most of artsy people usually say that they have always being doing crafty things since when they were younger, but for me the very truth is that I had never made anything handmade before 2012, when I started using polymer clay.
I don't even know how it began, honestly. I just remember I started doing some horrible cupcake, pizza, sweets etc. and charms and I thought it was kind of funny. At a certain point, some of my friends showed interest in my creations and started purchasing from me; that made me think I may enlarge the thing to the Internet, until when I created an Instagram profile and an Etsy shop, back in 2013. I have never stopped ever since, practicing from 3 up to 10 hours a day (when I had the chance to).
I have always been a person with a very strong imagination and polymer clay is the medium that allows me to bring to life my inner world. That's why I called my small business "mondoinundito" (which means world in a finger in Italian): as fairytale creatures don't exist, I created a place where they could live and be seen by other people as well. 
I probably sound mad, but I do believe that if people were more used to "childish" things, more used to see the magic we can create with things we consider silly, maybe we would all live in a better place.
I am strongly convinced that hard work and determination are all the things you need to make your dreams come true. It may not be always easy, that's true, but good things are never easy, or they wouldn't even be funny, would they?”

The progressions of Mondoinundito – Serena’s first chibi she made is on the top left (September 2012) and how her imagination and style of work evolved (May 2013)

Serena was really quite shocked when I contacted her to do a feature on her on Maker Heart, although I’m not entirely sure why? Her creations speak for themselves and she definitely has an amazing talent. Aside from her creations she is a lovely person and I have had lovely chats with her while preparing for this article.

From the Maker Heart Team:
Thank you Sere; for being such an awesome inspiration, especially to young crafters out there. Thank you for the time and effort you put into sending me what I needed for this article and for letting us in to your magical world. We hope to see some creations on Maker Heart soon!

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