How The Waffle Maker Is A Mom's Best Friend

Maria Ismail

Winter is around the corner and the aroma of home-baked waffles just jells so well with this weather. Join your kids in the fun and make the whole treat a lot more memorable this winter. Here are some kid-friendly yummylicious DIYs to get you started...

Waffle Brownies

Deborah Liu

Brownies are popular treat at our house. My husband loves to make it with the little ones in the evening with some homemade ice cream.  We pick up the Ghiradelli mix at Costco and the kids can dr...

Moffles - Mochi Waffles

Deborah Liu

One of our favorite desserts is daifuku (mochi with red bean filling), but my kids had trouble working with the hot mochi getting the bean inside.  Inspired by our new waffle iron, I decided to m...

Waffle Banana Bread

Deborah Liu

Adapted from three keys to cooking with kids is to keep the activity moving, create kids-sized tasks,...

And for those of you who have a savory tooth, my personal favorite:

Waffle Pizza

Deborah Liu

Pizza making is a great activity with the kids.  They get to pick their own toppings and eat their creations.  But I found that pizza was hard to make from scratch without a ton of time and...

Waffle Calzones

Deborah Liu

The kids really love cooking.  So I am always looking for new recipes that they can do on their own. A few weeks, we tried Waffle Pizza.  And it was great, but I had to finish it in the...

So there you have it:  A fine collection of DIY waffle treats to enjoy with the family. Happy Waffle-Making!

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