No Sew Projects - Kids

Justine Durrant

In today's busy lifestyle who has time to sit and sew awesome little creations for our kids? Yes, I am sure there are mom's out there who do it all, and are lucky enough to be able to fit all the wonderful homemade crafts in. But there are some, myself included, who barely find time to make lunch let alone make cool little projects for our kids. For moms like me, I have found some lovely crafts that we can do in less than an hour and don't even involve picking up a sewing needle!

No Sew Headband

Have your little girls looking stylish in minutes with these knot headbands. The best part of these are that you can use offcuts or scraps of fabric, which means less waste!

Fleece Octopus

Who would think that you could create a gorgeous little fleece toy for your kids in less time than it takes for your roast to cook. This is the cutest little guy I have ever seen and am most definitely going to give this one a try. These would make lovely personal gifts too. If you are feeling particularly crafty you can whip out your sewing needle and sew on some different fabrics or textures onto the legs for a great sensory toy for a small baby.

Quiet Book

Whether you have a small baby, a toddler or even an older child, they will all enjoy these quiet books. These books are easy to make with colored felt and are colorful and interactive. Your kids will have loads of fun reading through these quiet books and doing the little activities on each page. If you have older children they may even enjoy making these books with you. 

No Sew Bowtie

Little girls have headbands, what do we have for little boys? Bowties! These cute bowties need no sewing and look really cute on your little man. Like the girl's headbands, you can use scrap fabric to make these cute bowties. A cute idea would be to make a headband and bowtie in the same fabric for a family photoshoot.

Art Roll

If you have older kids who love being creative, this is a must have. This felt art roll is quick and easy to make. You can keep all of your pencils, markers and paint brushes neat in one place.

Sock Animals

These little animal friends are so cute and easy to make. You can have fun making these with your kids, or make a few for their collection in no time. You can use up all of those odd socks at last!

Floor Pillow

These floor pillows are amazing for newborns and small babies, but are also really great for older kids for weekend lounging. I would totally make one of these for myself if it didn't take so much fabric!

Patchwork Blanket

Every child needs a warm and cozy blanket. These fleece blankets are so simple to make and will keep your kids comfy and warm. The great part is your little ones can choose their own fabrics and you can combine it into one blanket for them. These would make lovely gifts too.

Happy Face Pillow

This pillow is bright and fun and cute. Your kids will love making this with you or you can fill your tiny baby's room with some homemade love. Your tiny baby will love staring at the bright colors and smiley face on these. You can get creative and add any fabrics and make any style face that you want. A dreamy sleep pillow is a cute idea for kids who struggle to sleep at night.

I hope that you were inspired by this article and will go and create some awesome no sew projects for your kids! Happy "no" sewing!

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