About Us

MakerHeart was founded by a group of makers from the crafting industry. As the world becomes more technologically advanced, the art of making things by hand becomes more important than ever. The act of creation feeds the soul, and it gives purpose. How many digital cards have you kept and looked at? How many store bought ones do you still have? How many handmade cards, created with love do you keep in your drawer of keepsakes? Making makes us human -- few animals use tools or create things of beauty just for the sake of it. Making connects us -- we make to show our love and give a part of ourselves to others. Making gives us meaning -- whether it is the christening dress or the hand crocheted afghans, we treasure things made with love. MakerHeart is dedicated to makers and their creativity. We bring together your favorite brands, designers, and innovators in one place. So join us as we build a place where we can learn and share.