10 Minute Maya Road Tank Top Dress Up

Caroline Lau

So it was 1 am last night and I really felt the need to do something creative. I didn't want to stay up all night working on a project so I decided to decorate a little shirt for my 1 year old baby girl Olivia. You will have to excuse the poor photos as 1 am projects do not get a lot of good light.

I know ruffles are in style right now. Even for little baby girls. I decided to execute this project I had planned out in my mind for a while but didn't have a chance to put together.

I started off with a simple tank top she had. This one was one I think I paid about $4 for. Olivia has worn it before and of course there were some stains where she had gotten food on them. No matter, I decided that some of our Maya Road trim would be perfect to spruce it up.

I then proceed to take out a a piece of our brown double pleat velvet trim. I laid it out on the shirt and decided that two 6" pieces would be the perfect accent for the shirt:

Now for those that are ambitious, you can take out your trusty sewing machine and sew this all together but for me at 1 am in the morning with everyone else sleeping in the house, I decided to use my trust fabric adhesive. I just glued down the trim and made sure I tucked in the ends. I also applied a little glue to the bottom of the ruffle between the 2 pieces. Then I put the tank top under a heavy glass jar to dry (be sure to put something inside the shirt so the front and back do not stick together). I then headed off to bed.

And this morning, check out Olivia modeling her shirt:

Perfect fit! I would definitely hand wash it and hang to dry but such an easy shirt to make. And everything for less than $5! If you purchase a yard of the double pleat trim, you can easily dress up 1-2 other shirts.



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