30-Min Reversible Headband

Deborah Liu | Maya Road, Mommy School

I had a couple long strips of cloth left from the edge of a skirt I cut a bit too long, so I decided to try making a headband with it. 


Measure the head of your child so that the length of the elastic is about 2" longer than her crown.   Then cut the 2" strips of cloths to twice the length of the elastic.  

Sew the edge of the of the cloth about 1/4" in from the edge.   Make sure that there is enough space for the elastic between. 

Turn the headband inside out.   Kids can be a great help here.  It helps to use a chopstick to push the fabric through.  When it is inside out, iron the headband firmly.  It helps to use a bit of steam if the fabric is thick. 

Put a safety pin on one end of the elastic and tether it to one end of the strip.  Then put a safety pin on the other end and push it through the entire length until it comes out the other side.  Pin both ends together and try placing on the head of your child to make sure it fits well.  

Sew the ends of the elastic with a zigzag stitch.  Fold and hand sew the frayed ends back on itself.  

Take a flower and secure it onto one side.  If you use a clip or a safety pin, you can swap to the other side if the color is more suitable to what your daughter is wearing.  In my finished headband, I used a clip I had made with my Maya Road flower and barrette. 

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