Bear Valentine's Clips

Deborah Liu | Mommy School

The girls wanted to make Valentines for their friends, so we came up with the idea of making clips.  That way friends can keep their personalized clips from year to year, instead of paper Valentines which get tossed. 


Bear Face: 

  • Take some beige and make a flattened disc shape so that the back is flat and front is rounded. 
  • Using the pin tool, poke two holes for eyes.  Add a tiny black sphere to each hole. 
  • Mores a small oval shape onto the face for a nose. 

Bear Body: 

  • Create a large tear drop shape and press down to flatten on the table. 
  • Make two smaller and two larger tear drop shapes. 
  • Press the two smaller ones down flat a bit and then mark the claws with a pin tool. 
  • For the feet, flatten the bottom of the feet against the table. Mark claws with the pin tool.  Pair the legs together and flatten the top of press body onto. 
  • Assemble with a bit of red made into a heart. 

Baking / Finishing: 

  • Bake at 275 degrees F for 15 minutes.  Remove and allow to cool.
  • Glue back of bear onto the base of the clothes pin. 
  • Write the name of the child using a Sharpie marker. 

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