Doodle Magnets With Cabochon Glass

Deborah Liu | Mommy School

Doodle magnets are a great way to preserve your child's artwork on your fridge without the mess.  It has just a handful necessary items and even a 4 year old can make them with a bit of guidance. 


Drawing Base 

  • Loosely trace the cabochon glass on a piece of cardstock.  It does not matter if the lines are a bit messy since you will cut inside of them slightly. 
  • Draw your designs all the way to the edge with pencil. 

Coloring Base

  • Trace with a permanent marker. 
  • Erase the pencil lines. 
  • Color the images with color pencil. 


  • Using a paper cutter, cut the pieces of cardstock out in a rough cut. 
  • Then holding it under the cabochon, cut it close to the edge. 
  • Trim the corners to round. 


  • Brush a think layer of Mod Podge across the glass.  And then press the cardstock on the back of the glass.  Allow to dry. 
  • When dry, turn over and brush the back and sides of the cardstock with more Mod Podge.  
  • Take a piece of magnet and super glue it to the back.  

A great way to preserve your kid's doodles on your fridge forever! 

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