Fox Faced Dress

Jen Chesnick | Maya Road


Hi Roadies!  Jen Chesnick here with a new Fall sewing project.  Foxes are all the rage this fall and I jumped on that bandwagon pretty quick.  Fox Faced dresses are floating around the sewing world pretty heavy, so I knew I needed to make my girl one.  I used a pattern I already had on hand, theHula Hoop by Puperita.  Her patterns are some of my favorite and are easy to construct with great directions.


To create the face of the fox I printed out two bodice pattern pieces.  On the second print I traced a quarter circle to create the cheek.  Since the bodice is cut on the fold it will create the entire face for you.  I allowed myself 1/4" seam allowance to press under the cheeks.  To attach layer both bodices right sides together, pin and top stitch the fox into place.  To create the nose and eyes I used the Maya Road Wood Blossom buttons. For the back of the dress I used the Mirrored Flower Buttons.  No photo of the back unfortunately because well she is 3 and it was Halloween, she wasn't having it.



We finished the look off with Fox Socks fromBethany Lane our their new Fox purse.  The socks! I grabbed them in my size too. 



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