Fun Girl's Skirt

Caroline Lau | Mommy School

Over Thanksgiving there were 3 girls who decided they wanted to make some skirts! We decided to use some materials we had on hand to make this happen.

Supplies needed:

1. Kiddos (we started with 3 girls)

2. Fabric - we used some we had on hand - 2 yards total (we used 1/2 yard for the size 4 and 1 yard for the size 8 and each is width of fabric)

3. Stretchy elastic 2" wide glitter elastic (for waist band)

4. Fabric markers

5. Sewing machine, thread and scissors.

How to: 

1. Start by prewashing your fabrics. Then cut for each kiddo as desired (see what we used above). 

2. Have the kids start decorating with fabric markers. Have them draw all over the skirt.

3. Next when they are done take the elastic and measure for their waist. Take it in about 1" since it is stretchy.

4. Sew the waist band (hint, I used a lighter to seal the edges so they wouldn't fray). Have the child try the waistband again. Sew it down and reinforce.

5. Sew the bottom seam of the skirt (I used 1/4" double folded). Then sew the ends together to form a loop. Press if desired.

6. Sew a gathering thread at the top of the skirt and gather til it is the size of the elastic waistband. Pin and sew to the waistband about 1/4" in. Use a zig zag stitch if desired to help hold the waistband to the skirt.

7. Enjoy your skirts!

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