Holiday Joy Banner

Jennifer Venter

Hello everyone! I'm very, VERY excited and a little nervous to be posting this today.  My very first post as a "Roadie"!!! :)   I was asked to do a tutorial on this holiday banner I created a while ago.  This is a great little project if you don't have a lot of time, but want to make something festive for your home. So here's how you can make your own.

Take three pages from the Snowflake Coaster and cover with patterned paper.  Ink the edges of each page and then ink the die-cut cover of the coaster with a brown marker or ink.

    Next cover a gear and two chipboard circles, from the Turns Chipboard Sheet with patterned paper. Cover the Jonathan chipboard letters J,O and Y with patterned paper also. Ink all the edges of these pieces and then stitch around the edges of  the circles and gear with embroidery floss.

    Make three scalloped strips (like the one below) out of patterned paper.  Accordion fold each strip. Then form a rosette shape by joining the two ends together, as show below.

    Glue the rosette in the center and where the two ends meet. Note: I usually use paper clips to hold the rosette together and place something, like a small bottle of paint on top, until it dries.

    Use the same technique for the large accordion rosette, except this time, adhere two, 2 1/2" x 12" strips together first, before accordion folding them. Snip one end of the folded paper at 45 degree angle, then glue together, as shown below.

    When you have all the components for your snowflakes, begin layering and adhering them together.

    Use Trinket Pins to embellish all the snowflakes. Do this by pushing the pins carefully between the layers of chipboard.  Note: Add a little dab of glue to the bottom pearl before pushing the pin all the way into the chipboard.

    When all the snowflakes are assembled set them aside.

    Begin to working on the berry garland. Join two large berry picks together using some wire. Bend the stems on each end to form a loop. Twist the loops to secure. Then tie with ribbon on each end, to conceal the twisted wire.

    Adhere some paper covered Flower Petals to the berry garland, as leaves. Use liquid glue dots or hot glue for this.

    To complete the project use some wire to secure the snowflakes to the garland.

    Supply List
    Maya Road Products used:
    Snowflake Coaster (three pages plus die-cut cover)
    Flower Petals 2 Chipboard Set
    Green and Red Gingham Ribbon
    Trinket Pins - Vintage Pearl
    Jonathan Chipboard Alphabet Set
    Turns Chipboard Sheet
    Patterned Paper - Pink Paislee, Basic Grey and Fancy Pants Designs.
    2 Large 18" berry picks, wire, and brown ribbon - Hobby Lobby

    Thanks for joining me today,

    Jennifer :)

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