Holiday Kid's Hand Coaster Tutorial

Caroline Lau | Mommy School

So each year I try to document my kiddo's hands with a homemade project. This year I settled on making some coasters for our family. I had seen some other hand "crafts" around but none with using sewing and little handprints for coasters so I experimented til I came up with something I loved.

I am about 75% done with everything. It is times like this I remember that my DH has 3 siblings so that means a lot more handiwork to get completed.

Here is what I was aiming for when I started this project:

Each person will get a cup coaster  and a trivet coaster. These were very easy to do. Here is a quick tutorial to get your started on your way:

1.  Handprints of kiddos you want to turn into trivets

2. Heat and Bond adhesive (this will turn your fabric into an iron on)

3. Fabric (cotton)

4. Batting

5. Sewing machine and thread

6. Fabrics (white or cream print for hands and other colors for the coasters themselves)


1. Trace your kiddos' hands onto paper. Cut out.

2. Now take a 8.5" x 11" piece of the white fabric - you will iron on the head bond adhesive to the back. Follow the instructions on the package.

3. Cut out the hands out of the white fabric. Now you need to decide what backing fabric you want to put the hands on. Cut the squares and then iron:

Since my baby's hands were small. I actually used a charm pack of fabric (5" x 5" squares) to back hers.

4. Next cut out coordinating fabric you want for the back. And also 2 pieces of light weight or 1 piece of medium weight batting to line.

5. Sew in your sewing machine (with the right sides facing each other). Leave a hole for flipping right side out make sure you also trim corners to give it a nice edge:

6. Flip and then using a ladder stitch sew it closed - tah dah you are done!

7. You can do the same with larger hands except mount the 5" squares on 8" ones to make into a trivet. Sew the open gap closed with need and thread.

8. Add their names and year on the hands and you are ready for gifting!

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