Kiki The Polymer Clay Bunny With Fruit Tart

Deborah Liu | Mommy School

My daughter wanted something special for her birthday cake this year.  Since her character is a bunny named Kiki, she wanted 7 bunnies in various poses for her cake.  So off we went. 

You can make the bunnies using these instructions.  She also had her heart set on one of the bunnies holding a fruit tart, so she made a sample of what she wanted.  And I made a version suitable for her cake.  It is easiest to make this with a cupcake or tart mold but you can also just make it by hand also.  


  • Polymer clay - gold or beige, dark brown, green, orange, red
  • Silicone cupcake mold
  • Pin tool 
  • Blush and Q-Tip 
  • Lacquer or Superglue

Tart Base: 

  • Press down the clay into the cupcake mold.  Using a round tool which is smaller than the circle, press a dent into the clay.  Then unmold it.  It should look like this.  


  • Make a rounded red triangle and using the pin tool, poke holes into the berries. 
  • Add a small leaf to the top and press a dent across it with the pin tool. 


  • Make a half circle for the orange slice. 
  • Press the pin tool in a radial array to make it look like slices. 


  • Take some green and poke hole in the middle.  
  • Press the pin tool in a radial array from the center.  


  • Take some dark brown/black and make a small sphere.  
  • Using the pin tool, poke a hole to make blueberry shape.  


  • Add the pieces of fruit into the tart and arrange in a circular pattern.  Drop the blueberries on top.  
  • Do not press down the fruit since it will mess up the shapes. 

Baking / Finishing: 

  • Bake at 275 degrees F for 15 minutes.  Remove and allow to cool.
  • Take some clear lacquer or super glue and drip on top of the tart to give it a sheen resembling tart glaze. 

And there you go. Kiki the Bunny with her yummy fruit tart! 

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