Metal Flower Power

Caroline Lau
I have gotten a couple of emails as to how i made the metal left on this album which was featured in a recent newsletter so i decided to put together a quick tutorial on it.

I started out with some Ten Seconds Studio cream metal sheets. I misted it with some of our Maya Mist (in the photo above I used our Avocado Maya Mist .

I decided to demonstrate with some of our Brown Maya Mist as shown below:

The metal on the left is the cream metal sheet as is. The metal in the middle is the metal which was misted in Brown Maya Mist and wiped after it had dried. The Maya Mist will dry on the metal but because the metal is not very porous it will tend to puddle a bit. What you should do is allow it to dry and then wipe and it will look like the metal in the middle after the excess has been wiped away. I then embossed the metal with an embossing folder in a herringbone pattern. You can use embossing folders or Ten Seconds Studio has some molds which are pretty cool too!

Finally your metal is ready to use! Just use some sharp scissors and cut in the shape you desire! For example, I created this poinsettia by cutting out 6 petals from the metal. I glued them onto a chipboard piece from our Foundations set. I added some bling and Winter Jewel Flowers and finally 2 Black Pearl Pins!

I hope you have enjoyed this new way to use our Maya Mist with metal! Happy Creating!


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