October Is For Halloween

Leah Farquharson | Maya Road

Can I admit something to you? I haven’t felt like scrapbooking a whole lot this past  year. And it’s ok. I’m ok with that. Life has it’s ebbs and flows, and I don’t want to have to push and pressure myself to do things. BUT, lately, I’ve been feeling more like doing it again. And I’ve been digging into my stash of goods, and pulling out things to work with again. (This halloween line of goods from October Afternoon is actually from 2012! I loved it so much I couldn’t bring myself to part with it, so, time to use it up!)

I’m actually really thankful that I took the time to take photos, so that I still them to record and remind me of the things and activities that we did. (Interesting note: I asked the oldest why he pulled such a serious face for all of his halloween photos and activities that year, and his response had to do with the fact that, ” I was Harry Potter, mom. He had a lot of serious stuff happen to him.”) Ok, son. I gotcha. Also a side note? I totally love his hair…

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