Oh Christmas Tree

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Hi everyone. I have been really busy getting ready for this project, its what you would call a Labour of Love. The concept is actually really simple and you only need one Maya Road product (just lots of it!!)

So here it is, my christmas trees.......

To create this project you need:

1.Flower Petals II Chipboard set x 6

2. Large quantity of patterned paper (mine are basic grey)

3. Some ornaments to attach

4. a glue gun and lots of glue

5. Foam bases for tree

To create this tree you need to cover flower petals with patterned paper (you can also paint or ink them, crackle paints would also look great) sand and ink edges.

Starting at the base of the foam cone layer the petals using a hot glue gun and layer up. Once complete add little balls to one, beaded wire to the second and tinsel to the largest tree. I also added some Christmas lights to the large tree (battery operated).

A close up of the layers

And thats it!! Hope you like it


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