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Design team member Marla Kress! In the spring issue Marla created these beautiful ribbon cupcakes for our Top 10 Most Wanted article. We loved these sweet cupcakes so much we asked Marla to share just how she made them! 

"You are now in tween territory, which I have learned introduces a whole new world of experiences and fun.  Lookout readers because I anticipate a great year ahead! In honor of your tenth birthday Scrapbook & Cards Today, I have made cupcakes (with paper of course) and today I’d like to share how I made one of them.

First you’ll start off with a few key pieces. 

One cupcake wrapper template (any old template will do).  This one happens to have a base which helps hold an insert.  Then you’ll need one 3” circle, six 1” circles and a piece of ribbon.  The wider the better and NOT too silky…you’ll see why ahead. Assemble the cupcake base.

Add you’re 3” circle to the top of the cupcake base.  If you want you can punch a hole in the circle and tie it to the base so that it flips open but I usually just wedge it down inside.

Next fold each of the 1” circles in half.  These will be used to make the cherry on top of the cupcake.  I chose a paper with a red side so that I’d have a red cherry.  Make sure that you fold the side that you WANT TO SEE towards the inside.

Apply glue to one of the folded half circle and begin layering another half circle on top.  In my case I’m gluing all of the yellow sides together.

Until eventually I create and cute little paper cherry.

Next let’s look at the ribbon icing.  I used my sewing machine to create a running stitch down one side of the ribbon.  I DID NOT backstitch at the beginning or the end.  If you don’t have a sewing machine, don’t worry.  You can do this by hand and it may even work better!

Now pull ONE of the threads and start bunching the ribbon.  Sometimes when you’re sewing on the machine this may happen and if it does, LET IT!  Consider it a gift, a shortcut.

And now, remember how I said NOT to use a super silky ribbon in the beginning?  Like the one pictured above?  Well that’s because when you break out the hot glue in this next step IT WILL MELT.  So if that happens you’ll have to grab another type of ribbon and try again.  Boo! And now you know why my ribbon in this next photo looks completely different.

Take you’re hot glue gun and start gluing the gathered ribbon along the outer edge of the 3” circle.  Keep gluing and working towards the center until the ribbon piles up nice and high.  Pretend you’re piping icing on a real cupcake.  Except you’re using a glue gun and ribbon and won’t feel at all guilty tomorrow.

Place you’re icing lid back on the base and you have a super cute little cupcake. 

Add treats inside and they’ll be even better!

Thank you for stopping by and celebrating with us!" ~ Marla

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