Teddy Bear Polymer Clay Charm

Deborah Liu | Mommy School

Polymer clay is one of our very favorite things to work with.  It never dries and is easy to mold into any shape.  It also holds its form during baking.  Even very young children can form this into shapes with ease. 


  • Polymer Clay - I like Sculpey III which comes in a variety of colors so no painting is necessary
  • 1" Eye Pins 
  • Knife - an ordinary knife works fine if you don't have clay tools

Sculpey III comes in small, medium and large blocks.  Shown above, the smaller block can be cut into 8 to give you sense of the bear.  

This is the amount of clay I used for the bears.  

Knead the clay until it is soft enough to work with.  

  • Start with the head and shape it into a ball. Make the front a bit protruding so that it resembles a bear. Add two small balls onto the top of the head for ears.  
  • Create an oval body, and press it down on the paper. Add a small ball of clay to back of the body to help it sit up. 
  • Add the head to the body.  If necessary, press the eye pin through the head into the body.  This will help stabilize it as you add the arms and legs. 
  • Create 2 small snakes and shape into arms.  Using another eye pin, press the claws onto the ends. 
  • Create 2 slightly larger snakes.  Press the legs to flatten it on one end, and then create the feet by pressing onto the other side to create the bottom of the feet. 
  • Make a little heart out of red clay.  
  • Press the arms and legs together onto the sides of the body holding the heart. 

The clay will adhere if you press firmly and make sure it is well merged and will not pull apart.  

Preheat oven to 275 degrees F.  Place the clay bear onto a foil lined tray and bake for 15 minutes.   If you can press your nail into it, it is not baked long enough.  Make sure to let it cool before testing to see if it is done. 

If you are worried about it adhering, a spot of super glue or shellac will ensure it is solid.  Thread a ribbon through the eye pin and wear your new pendant!

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