Belly Lau | Maya Road

Every time when I am free and sitting on the sofa, I would like to do some scrapbooking, and the first thing I can think of, is layout, cause I can finish a simple one in around an hour, relax and feel happy.

What I take out are just a pack of paper and stickers, of course a photo, my all in one tool box, and for sure the two boxes of my fave embellishments. Flowers are always my first choice to put on layout, they come in various of colors which match whatever modern or vintage theme.

The next I would choose are the resins and wooden token, they are nearly as omnipotent as the flowers, just put a few and the layout will look a big different.

Don't wait, take out your goodies and start one today!

Categories: Scrapbooking
Tags: baby, flowers, girls, layouts, resin, tags, trims, wood