Facebook Pages To Follow For Crafty Inspiration

Justine Durrant

Facebook is a fantastic tool both for business and for personal use. There are great people, communities and pages that you can follow in a wide variety of categories. Below are some lovely Facebook pages full of crafty inspiration.

Craft Gossip

This Facebook page is an extension of their website craftgossip.com and has a lot of great DIY craft ideas. Be inspired by a wide variety of different crafts such as sewing, quilting and bath and body works. Follow their news, reviews, and ideas. What’s really great is that all topics and tutorials are reviewed by their editors so you can be sure to have some excellent content.

 DIY and Crafts

DIY and Crafts post daily projects and DIY craft ideas onto their website and Facebook page. They were awarded for having the best arts and crafts website in 2013. You can find inspiration for just about any craft that you are looking for, from food to house and garden projects.

Craft Bits

Craft Bits has a collection of 1000s of craft ideas for both adults and children. All projects are DIY and handmade. You can find some fantastic DIY gift ideas or tutorials on knitting, sewing, paperwork and so much more. Craft Bits post regularly on their Facebook time-line to keep you inspired.


Craftsy is a huge community page on Facebook with over 9 million members on their website. On their Facebook you will find inspiration from all of the crafts you love. There are links to their website where you can learn from professional instructors as well as source supplies and tutorials. There is so much to be discovered on this website and by joining the Facebook community you are open to all of the wonderful ideas they have.

Craft Passion

Craft Passion posts lovely free patterns and tutorials for a vast amount of different crafts including; knitting, sewing, origami, paper crafts and kids crafts (to name a few). They also allow you to post photos of your own crafts as long as you aren't trying to advertise your business. This is a great page to share ideas and get inspiration from fellow crafters. 

Easy Child Crafts

If you are looking for some fun activities to do with your kids, this is a great Facebook page to follow. Their page provides links to their website with loads of free content. All of the crafts are simple and easy with clear instructions and print-ables where possible. Keep your kids entertained with new and exciting crafts every week. 

We hope that you feel inspired after following these wonderful crafty pages and that you dare to be adventurous and create some marvelous creations that you never dreamed of creating before. Please feel free to join the Maker Heart community and share your craft creations with us.

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