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Justine Durrant

Laura is a crafty lady who creates the most beautiful cell phone cases with her friend Mandy. They are both very creative and can design just about anything using a cellphone case as their canvas. Not only do they do cellphone cases but can also do ipads, hairbrushes, you name it and they will probably do it for you. I got to know Laura through doing an article on a previous designer.

A word from the Designers:

Behind the scenes at BlingIt is two friends who met 14 years ago whilst working in Cyprus. Laura (from Swansea, Wales) and Mandy (from Dublin, Ireland) we now live the quiet live with our families and have been friends ever since.

We both have a passion to create and started BlingIt in October 2014. We wanted to do something that enabled us to stay home with our children. Our aim is to create cute kawaii items that can be used in our everyday life. We customize phone cases mostly but also hairbrushes, pencil cases, iPad, frames etc... We are always so happy to take on commissions and be challenge. Customer service and quality is everything to us. Its a fun process and we love getting feedback from our fabulous customers.

We learn something new everyday and are inspired by the wonderful artists and lifelong friends we have met along the way.

A word from the MH team:

Thank you for sharing your crafts with us ladies! We hope to see more from you on Maker Heart in the future and wish you much luck with your business.

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