Get To Know: Momomintsshop

Justine Durrant

I discovered these two lovely ladies while scrolling through Instagram. I absolutely love their work and would probably go bankrupt if I lived closer (I would possibly buy every item). I love the combination of the two crafts and that they are so similar in style but also different and unique. They are all so cute you can't help but love every item!

A word from the designers:

Hi! We are Marissa and Sami the crafty duo behind Momomints from Canada. Marissa makes all the amigurumi plush toys and Sami makes all the polymer clay charms. We both started crafting from a very young age.

Marissa started getting into amigurumi while browsing online through craft blogs one day and stumbled upon a tutorial for a fuzzy Panda Bear amigurumi. Sami first started working with polymer clay when she discovered Oborocharms on deviantART. It was those moments that led us to the beginnings of Momomints. We are both inspired by anything cute, pretty packaging and just random things we discover throughout our day. When we are not busy crafting away we like to explore and eat all the delicious food!

A word from the Maker Heart team:

Thank you for being open to sharing your wonderful world of creations with us. You are both so talented and we wish you the very best on your craft adventures. 

Show Marissa and Sami some love:

IG/twitter: @momomintsshop

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