Get To Know: Moonlight Charms

Justine Durrant

Renae is a talented crafter who I discovered on Instagram. She makes gorgeous little polymer clay charms and also has an artistic flare for other forms of art.

A word from the designer:

Hello! I'm Renae or Moonlight Charms and I'm a polymer clay artist. I've crafted ever since I was really little and it ranged from things like perler beads to duct tape to polymer clay. Once I started making polymer clay creations it just stuck, and now three and a half years later here I am. I make charms, figurines, and little dragons. My style has evolved over the years and I hope to continue to get better for years to come.

My Instagram is very important to me, I check it all the time to see other crafters and to post my own photos. I love seeing everybody's nice comments and likes. I probably would have never started polymer clay if it weren't for Instagram. I was greatly inspired by people like XOXRufus, Mondoinundito, and Rachyh96 and lots of Youtubers too. I also have a Youtube channel that I sometimes post tutorials and charm updates. As well as my own channel I post videos on the Sweetorials collab channel.

I opened my Etsy shop in January 2014 and was surprised to actually get sales. Having a shop is really fun because you get to meet other artists who do this as a living and also meet people through custom orders. I've met some really nice and cool people through my shop's custom orders, I love spending time on making somebody's idea come to life so you can hold it or wear it.

I still love to try new arts and crafts even though I only post polymer clay. I don't know where I would be without polymer clay because it has really opened my eyes to different artwork. Although my main art medium is clay I also really enjoy photography and sometimes I attempt to watercolor, even though I'm not very good at it. Polymer clay was a door that once I entered, I saw artwork and artists in a whole different perspective.

I'm so thankful for all my followers and anybody interested in what I do, I hope to inspire others to create their own art and maybe turn it into something big like i did.

A word from the Maker Heart team:

Thank you for sharing your world of clay with us Renae. I am sure you have inspired many people to get started with clay as you were once inspired too. Good luck and we hope to see many more creations from you. It was great getting to know you and we hope to see more of you on Maker Heart.

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