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Justine Durrant
Janice is a quirky young lady who I came across on Instagram. Her clay creations are unique, fun and cute.

A word from the Designer:

Hey , my name is Janice Jam. 

Just a typical girl that expresses her imaginations in the form of art . I've been pretty much interested in Art & Crafts ever since i was 4-5 years old .

When I was in Primary school , somehow I just ended up as the "Artsy Girl" in my class . I can't remember why but during the 6 years of schooling in my primary school , I've aways been under that name . At that point of time , it was only drawing , painting & crayon art that I knew about . After moving on to Secondary school , yet again I was somehow the "Artsy Girl in Class" . 

At that point of time I was 13 & I'm not someone who draws or paints all the time but only do art stuff when required to . I started forming an interest in filming when I watched videos of people unboxing packages on Youtube & was particularly interested in this idea.

I even created a youtube channel for unboxing but it was very unsuccessful . I then created another channel but had no idea what content to put up so I forgot about it afterwards . I created a unique name for that channel as I wanted my channel to be unique and known for a weird unique name hence "MsParkPark" . Okay let me confess , I was once a kpop fan girl so I created a Korean name for myself called Park Ji Yen . So I chose the surname "Park" to use for my Youtube username as I didn't want friends or family to know about this channel.

One day , I came across a video called "Polymer Clay Charms Update" . This girl was showcasing her handmade creations , they were all so small and well made ! 

It took me a while to actually believe that it was handmade . 

I'd played with playdough when I was younger but found no luck with it as everything turned out extremely hideous . When I saw that video , I immediately searched up for more to watch and that was when I discovered the "Crafting Community" . I was really curious & interested in "Polymer Clay" as I'd never seen or heard of it before but I'd no idea where to get them & they are extremely pricey on the internet . 

So , at that point of time there was also a type of air dry clay called "Cold Porcelain" & can be made easily using white glue and some corn starch . So being the curious me , I went on to make some for myself & created tons of creations being inspired by people on Youtube . Still being the passionate girl who was interested in filming , I filmed down a charms update video and uploaded it on the channel that I created but forgotten about . 

After a week , I went on Youtube to check the video and was shocked to see that it has gotten over hundreds of views ! With 75 subscribers as well ! 

I then went on to bravely purchased a box of sampler pack of Polymer clay and that was how I started with Polymer Clay.

Ever since then , I became determined and put in all my best for this channel , at the same time , doing something I truly love which are filming & crafting .

I found my inspirations through Charms update videos & was constantly recreating charms being inspired by other crafters . I've been doing it for a few years and filmed tutorials on my channel as well . But soon after , I stopped recreating people's work but to create my own by finding inspirations whenever I go or saw .

I've been relatively active on the social platform "Instagram" . I've met amazing artists & some that I am proud to call my good & best friends ! 

We admire , share each other's works & hopefully to inspire other crafters as well . 

My friend once asked me : "Janice , I'm curious but why do you love Art ?" . I'd honestly never once thought of it before . I couldn't answered her & one day after completing my batch of charms as usual , I sat down and looked at them . And it hits me , I love art because I've never been good or smart in anything . But I got recognition from family to friends to people from all around the world for my artworks , it made me feel good & better about myself . At least I'm doing something worthy for the first time . It made me happy when freshly baked charms are out from the oven , it made me feel better about myself when I finish glazing my charms . It made me feel so touched when friends and family smile when they receive my handmade creations . It made me love Art because I have the ability to make people smile & make their day better . I love Art because of all these . I've never considered myself as a professional in anything . I'm young , I'm still learning along the way & I've a lot to be improved on .

I'm still learning & finding myself . I can't promise you perfection but I'm willing to help you see the beauty of flaws . Will you watch me as I grow ?



A word from the Maker Heart Team:

Thank you for sharing your wonderful world of clay creations with us and being so open to sharing your craft journey. We are sure you have inspired many young crafters! We wish you much luck with your Etsy store and Youtube channel and hope that you continue to grow as an artist :-)

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