Get To Know: Nicole's Lil' Things

Justine Durrant

I discovered Nicole on Instagram, she creates the cutest little things out of clay! She is a young and blossoming talent as well as entrepreneur. 

A word from the Designer:

I'm Nicole, I'm 14 years old, and I'm the girl behind the scenes of Nicole's Lil' Things. I do everything from production of products, to photography, to processing and shipping orders. You can say I've got my own Lil' business to run.

I started using polymer clay back in September of 2012, however I've always been a crafty person. Doing art and being creative has always interested me, and it's something I can just let my imagination run wild with. 
I was introduced to the art of polymer clay sculpting by a close friend, and I was just so intrigued at how she was able to bring a piece of her imagination to life. I immediately went to my local craft store and bought a few packets of clay to try it out for myself.

After discovering polymer clay, I would work on improving everyday, mostly just watching YouTube videos as a guidance. Sooner or later I had around seventy to a hundred charms, consisting of small animals and miniature food, and no purpose for them, which is when my family encouraged me to start selling my pieces. 
I didn't start selling on Etsy right away though, the first charms I sold were in person. Every Saturday I would set up a small lemonade stand on the edge of my street, except instead of lemonade I would sell my charms (which looking back at them now, were absolutely awful looking.) Even though my charms weren't the best, every sale encouraged me to keep going, and my charms were improving with each sale. 

I opened my Etsy shop in April of 2014, when I finally felt enough confidence in my work to share it with the world. It took a while to receive my first order on Etsy, but I didn't give up. I decided to make my Instagram for my shop in late 2015, and that's when my Etsy truly took off.  I came up with my Kyuties in early 2015, and they've been my most popular designs by far.

After almost two years of hard work, I couldn't be more proud of where I've gotten. 

From the Maker Heart Team:

Thank you Nicole, for being so involved in the writting of this article. We wish you the best of luck with your lil' business ;-) We hope to see some more of your creations on Maker Heart soon.

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Instagram: @nicoleslilthings

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