Inspiring Instagram Accounts To Follow

Justine Durrant
In a world filled with technology and people dependant on social media, life can sometimes become very depressing. We look at people who we don’t know and envy their lives, we look to “role models” who lead very different lives to what we see on social media, and we judge ourselves and compare ourselves to people who aren’t real. On the flipside, we can also find great motivation and inspiration by following real people doing real things. We can find some real positivity to add to our lives through such accounts. Here are some of the top Instagram accounts to follow to find daily inspiration and motivation.

Humans of New York

Several websites mention this account. Brandon Stanton creates a beautiful photographic journey through New York City. The photos along with the interviews of the people in the photos soon became a very popular blog, which then spread to social media. He captures real people in their real lives with amazing stories. Every single photo captured is an inspiration to someone who can relate or connect on the same level. Brandon inspires millions of people through his camera lens.

Grandma Betty33

Grandma Betty is someone who millions of people out there can relate to. She was the cutest old grandma, sharing her cancer story. We journey with her through the ups and downs of this terrible disease. Her Instagram account remains to be one of the most inspiring, one filled with love, family, hope and reality. This account leaves you with a warm fuzzy feeling and inspires us to cherish every minute of life.

Home Polish

Whether you consider yourself creative or not, this account will appeal to everyone alike. Home Polish posts every single one of their home designs onto their account. You will find stunning home décor ideas and inspiration on this account. Even if you are not looking to redo your living space, this account will inspire you to want to make some changes. If anything, the photos that are shared make you feel happy, like you are browsing for a new vacation spot. You will be sure to pick up some great tips and ideas for your home on this account.

The name says it all. This account is one that everyone should follow. Kelli posts the most amazing inspirational quotes and pictures that will be sure to leave you with a spring in your step. There isn’t much more to say about this account, except that you should go and follow her right away.

Paris in Four Months

This account was also mentioned on various websites as being inspirational. Carin Olsson is a talented photographer who went to Paris and landed up never leaving. She shares her most amazing adventures with her followers. Her account is filled with beautiful landscapes and buildings as well as her own personal adventure shots. If there is one account that makes you feel good about life and seeing the beauty in it, this is that one. Thank you Carin for sharing your adventures.


Julie’s Kitchen

The ultimate foodie account! Julie shares her kitchen with followers in an artsy and creative way. Her food always looks fresh and delicious. If you enjoy food photos then you need to head over to this account. Julie will inspire you to whip out those pots and pans and get cooking and baking. If you don’t consider yourself a foodie, then these images are sure to change your mind. Head over to her account to get your taste buds tingling.

Samantha is a talented food artist who captures her awesome creations for her followers. Her profile description sums it all up:  “make food that tells a story”. Her account is certainly a fun one to follow, it inspires you to find your inner child and be creative with your food.  Her fun food ideas always bring a smile to my face and make me feel good about the simple things in life – such as sandwiches.


This account is absolutely amazing. Simon is a very talented photographer and creative director who shares his stories through his photos. He takes you along on adventures to magical places. He leaves much up to the imagination as you browse through his stunning gallery of photographs. He brings the beauty in everyday life out through his camera lens and allows us to become part of his story.

Whether you prefer food, or home décor, we hope that these accounts inspire you to see the beauty that is all around, and to see it more clearly every day.

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