Altered Trinkets Blossoms

Maya Road's true. I'm totally addicted to flowers. They just seem to fit any project at any time of the year. I also like to think outside the box and look beyond the obvious. What else is possible with Maya Roads metal flowers?

Join me & I'll show you how to alter trinkets blossoms.

Here's the supplies you'll need:

Maya Road's Trinkets Elements Blossoms

Jet Black Archival Ink from Ranger

A rubber stamp. I suggest choosing a bolder stamp. Fine lines don't show up as well.

A heat tool


A plastic clamp (hardware store type)

Liquid adhesive


1. You'll need 2 of the largest blossoms, one medium and one of the smallest.
2. Stamp one of the largest flowers and heat dry.** Be careful**...since they are metal, they do get hot. Heat to dry the ink...then allow to cool for a few seconds before proceeding to the next step.

3. Using the hemostat, grasp each petal as shown and bend upward.

4. The petals will now look like this. Grasp the very tip of each petal and slightly bend them back, as shown.

5. Now your flower should look like this. Adjust the petals, so that they are fairly even.

6. Bend the petals of the other 2 sizes upward and back. For the smallest flower, just bend them up slightly.

7. To assemble the flowers insert the brad into the smallest, then the next size, then the stamped large flower. Add a tiny drop of adhesive to the flat flower before inserting the brad. Adjust the flowers, then apply the clamp for a few seconds and allow to dry.

8. Here's the completely altered blossom. Same great flower, but a totally different.

9. These flowers also make great charms, as shown here.
10. I'll leave you with another idea. These altered trinkets blossoms also make awesome centers for Maya Road's chipboard flowers. Use just one to create this look.

Have fun creating!


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