An 8x8 Binder Picture Book

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I love to see the growth and metamorphosis of my children through my scrapbooks.  What better way then to do it as a monthly record?    

I am going to embrace this concept with my whole Heart. I know there are tons of classes and inspiration for photo-journaling by the day, month and year out there, online and in your community.  This will be my take on the concept.   My 12 month photo journal/scrapbook. 

I would like to record 1 photo a month for each girl in this 8x8 book.  I have plans of making one of these for each of my kids.  I have 8 pages or 16 sides of pages to work with, so I can easily fit 12 months in. 

I used Chalkboard paint left over from my School Album.  I thought it make a nice stark contrast.  I shabbied it up a bit, of course.  I am a veteran Navy wife, we learn to like shabby.  A few moves under your belt and shabby becomes your new style.  So........

I used a ton of Maya Road products just on the cover.  But one of my favorite parts so far is the rose because I had so much fun rolling the fabric and spraying it with Cherry Maya Mist .

I also loved making the bottlecap hanging embellishment.  I used a Mega Bottle Cap  and primed it with metal primer.  I then painted it with red acrylic paint.  Let it dry and then applied a Maya Road clock rubon in white and then sanded it to make it more rustic.  I added the pearl to the center and punched a hole in the top edge.  Makes a perfect embellishment. 

I used the new Red Scallop Dot ribbonJonathon Alphabet with Hydrangea Blue Maya MistCaroline Alphabet ,  Trinket Leaf Pin, Sheer Calendars and of course the 8x8 Binder Book

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