Anchors Away Planner Set

Maker Heart | MakerHeart

Hi Maker Heart friends.

If you are into the new journaling and planner craze then we have something special for you. We have put together a cute nautical themed planner set for you to download and enjoy. Even though we are already half way through the year, it's not too late to add a new theme to a new month. You can also be super organized and start preparing for the new year - which will be here before you know it. 

Included are journal cards for you to jot down your notes and ideas on the go. These are perfect for keeping in your purse instead of carrying your planner wherever you go, you can simply add them to your planner when you are home. These are also great as simple note cards, not necessarily for your planner. You can keep a bunch of these in your purse or in your kitchen for taking down any notes or grocery lists. You can also use these for note boards or vision boards. 

The sticker set is great and has social media icons and note tabs for your planner, as well as some cute little extra's.

Enjoy your Anchor's Away set.

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Tags: cards, journaling, stickers