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For the last few months, I've been keeping an art journal that  I write into throughout the week. I create my background page in the beginning of the week and then add stamping, journaling, bits and pieces all week long. The two-page spread is complete at the end of each week. (You can find all my pages here.)

Here's the one I made last week before I put anything on it:

It uses all Maya Road products. The first thing I did was to lay down my butterflies:

Then I sprayed the page with Mulberry Red Mist and a little Butternut Squash Orange mist. Since my book has watercolor paper, I used a baby wipe to spread the mist all around so it looks like paint and not mist.  Then I added white paint to the edges so it gave definition and made the page a little less dark.

Then I used my butterflies to trace around ledger paper and cut three of them out and adhered to my page. I wrote "free to be me" across all three butterflies.

I then added three different trims to each edge: Satin Pleat Edging in BrownSmall Daisy Vintage Lace and Organza Roses in Pink.

On Day one, I just stamped the date and then added a few more stamps and a little watercolor. Here's how it looked after day one:

 The stamps I used are: Measure TwiceJust My Type, and Blue Ribbon Sentiments.

For the next two days, I just did more of the same. I added a small photo of my kids' hugging their dad that I took on Tuesday.  A few more stamps, some watercolors and the left page is finished.

The next day I wanted to use the typewriter but what I didn't realize was that the white paint I have on the bottom has something on it which makes the ink resist a bit so the image didn't come out the way I liked, so I cut out some hearts 

from music paper, colored them with watercolors and covered up the part I didn't like. Here's the end of Thursday:

For the next three days, I did more of the same (but avoided stamping on the bottom.) I added one more photo of my younger son watching the older one as he watercolors. Here's what the page looked like at the end of the week.

And here's the full spread:

Pretty simple but a nice way to have a quick look at my week and use some of my favorite Maya Road products. During weeks when I went out more, I've adhered movie stubs, shopping receipts, etc to these pages, too. It's a perfect way to combine a little art, some journaling, and some memory keeping into your day. Most of the time, that day's entry only took me 15 minutes but the end result is always wonderful and deeply satisfying.

Thank you for letting me share and I hope you give it a try, too!

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