Back-to-School Classroom Notebook

Deborah Liu | Mommy School

Start the school year off right with a great back-to-school project.  Your kids will enjoy decorating their own notebook, and they can keep your family with them all day at school. 


Get a composition notebook and some 12" x 12" scrapbook paper.  If you don't have any, bring your kids to the store to pick paper and some alphabet stickers of their choice. Take the paper and turn it facing down.  Trace the shape of notebook on it.  Let your kids cut around the edge.  Paste on the notebook with some paper glue.  

Take photos of your family and glue it on some paper to put a mat around it.  Cut with scissors or paper trimmer.  Paste the photos onto the notebook. Let the kids add stickers to spell their names and classrooms.  

Turn the contact paper upside down.  Open the composition book and lay flat over the contact paper. Cut an extra inch on each side.  Peel the backing paper off.  Place the book spine first in the middle. Cut the paper at the spine.  Slowly press the contact paper onto the front and then the back.  Fold over the extra paper and tuck it inside of the notebook. 

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