Birthday Book

Fiona Carter

Hello everyone. In this blog post I'm sharing a project I created for my daughter as part of her 13th birthday celebrations. For Emily's birthday party, I made a birthday book for all her friends (we're talking over 20 girls here) to write a birthday message to Emily. I chose the Maya Road Crown Coaster Album as it seemed a perfect shape for a 13 year old birthday-girl.

Here's a few steps to creating the book.

STEP 1: Cover the pages of your chipboard album with pattern paper. For the pages which will be used for the messages use some ledger style papers.The lined papers gave the girls space to write their messages and offer a less distracting background to more decorative designed papers (as you'll see in the next step).

STEP 2: At the party, lay the pages out on a table with pens. The girls at Emily's party loved signing the book at the end of the party.

STEP 3: Once the party is over you can then finish off the book with photos. I printed lots of small photos from the party. This was Emily's part of the project, she arranged the photos through her book and stuck them in place.

STEP 4: Add any extra embellishments to finish the book. I loved the glitter stickers and thought they went very well with the girly theme of the album.

I added a few extra Maya Road embellishments to the cover of the album.


This idea would work for birthday girls and boys of any age. And it could be used for other celebrations such as wedding anniversaries or baby showers. Just pick a Maya Road shaped album to suit your party theme.

Thanks for visiting and have a good weekend.


Fiona Carter xx

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