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So a funny story about our bottlecaps - our mega bottlecap were one of our very first products we ever released.

We released these in 2005 and we had a lot of them. I honestly think it took us a long while to sell out of them. After we were done with them, there was this sudden interest in them. We would get 2 calls a day for people begging us to find them some. People offered to buy our mold for them. So we brought them back in 2009 and we added 3" ones in 2010 and 4" ones this time for CHA-W 2011.

At the show, DT member Lia made some of her FABULOUS bottlecap creations:

(and yes after I took this photo, I did notice the sun was missing so we did a quick repair job at the show)

Anyhow, Lia does an amazing job with bottlecaps. Things that I cannot do but she did inspire me.  So last night, I dug out a couple of my 2" bottlecaps and put my spin on them:

I took some of our bottlecaps and started layering some papers, stickers, mini photos and embellishments in them. One trick I picked up from Lia is FOAM DOTS! Foam dots under the circle paper gives it a nice pop. Foam dots under the photo gives it another lift:

And some of our new acrylic houses layered on a transparency piece looks so lovely too:

I added some of our satin pleat edging to this bottlecap to turn it into a flower center:

All so easy to do and great little embellishments to turn into necklaces, magnets or even for mini albums. 

I hope you are inspired too! 

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