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Hi Roadies! :) Today I'm back to share another project with you!  This one is a nice gift idea for someone who's feeling down and needs a little "pick me up".   I used pages from the "Wellies" album to create this treat holder. The boots are hollow all the way down so they can be filled with small candies such as Skittles, Kisses, M & M's etc.

  • To make a box shape out of your chipboard pages, place one page down,  then apply some spacers. I used about 8 of the new Vintage spools as my spacers on this project, which are about 1.25" tall.  NOTE:  Use a tiny amount of glue and something that is not permanant, as you will be removing the spacers once the project is dry.
  • Place another page on top of the spacers and line them up evenly with the bottom page. Kind of like a sandwich!
  • Use thin cardboard strips (a recycled cereal box, works great for this) to seal up the sides of your box. Remembering to leave the top of the boots open.  Rubber bands or string can help hold the cardboard strips in place, until they are dry.
  • When the strips are dry, trim away any excess cardboard and sand.
  • Carefully remove the spacers.

Sorry I don't have pictures of the actual project getting put together.  But, hopefully you can get the idea from the sample below.

The banner or "rainbow" was made out of pages from the Mixed Half Circle Banner Album.  It was then attached to dowels, so it could easily stand in the boots.

Zipper trim was folded around the edge of each boot and then small loops (handles) were added to the front.

Mini chipboard pieces, from the How's The Weather and When Skies are Grey sets were used to embellish the front of the boots. 

I also used Trinket Beads for the raindrops and the "When Skies Are Grey" text is from the new Rainy Day Stamp Set.

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Wellies Boot Album
When Skies Are Grey - Chipboard Mini Set
Zipper Trim (Earl Grey and Sea Blue)
How's The Weather Mini CB Set
Mini CB Butterfly Set
Maya Glitter (cherry red, iridescent and sea green)
Mixed Half Circle CB Banner Album (the rainbow)
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