Christmas Countdown

Maya Road | Maya Road

Hi Roadiesl! :)  I know we have a little while before Christmas, but I just wanted to share this Christmas countdown idea with you today. Maybe you'll get inspired to get an early start for the holidays.

I used Maya Road's Clear Acrylic Calendar Stand w/ chipboard pages  to help me create this project.  Basically the acrylic stand is used to hold up the snowman and a little felt pocket (in the back) that holds the extra chipboard pages.  Since the stand comes with 6 pages I numbered both sides of the chipboard to get a 12 day countdown. To apply the hooks just screw them though the front of chipboard body, then line up the screws ends to the acrylic stand's pre-drilled holes. Use washers to secure the ends.  Tip: I didn't have washers, so I used Wood Bingo Numbers  at the back of the screws instead. They were the perfect size and kept the end of the screw concealed. 

For the body of the snowman I used one of the Birdcage Book pages and then cut the head and hat out of 2 layers of raw chipboard.

Yummy Maya Glitter was applied to the Philadephia Chipboard Numbers and Mini Snowflakes.

In this close up you can see how I embellished the snowman with some of MR's new trims.  My favorite trim and favorite part of the snowman has to be his mouth.  I just spritzed a 2 inch piece of the Bubble Dot - Crochet Trim with Brown Mist, let it dry and then glued it in place.

With Halloween coming up this project could easily be adapted into a little monster or ghost.  Have fun!


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