Color-blocking And Masking Techniques!

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Hi everyone!

We're excited to share the works of Guest Designer, Lisa Truesdell today on the Maya Road DT Blog! We love how Lisa uses lots of Maya Mists to add splashes of color on her work, and she has kindly provided some of her favorite layouts to show you how. We especially adore how she uses the Mists in her color-blocking and masking techniques!

We also asked Lisa to share some tips on using Maya Mists, and she even shares a great tip on storing her collection of Maya Mists!

I keep an empty box in my scrap area.  I do all of my misting in that box - it's perfect for protecting my work area from overspray.  When I have extra punched bits or interesting packaging, I throw it in the box to use as a mask in future projects. I keep newspaper in the bottom to soak up the overspray.

The best way to get comfortable misting is to do it often. Practice on scratch paper to get a feel for how it's going to spray, but be ready to cede control over exactly how it's going to look.  That's part of the beauty of mist.  If you're nervous, start small and mist something small, like a tag or card.  It's a good way to experiment without the worry of "ruining" a page.

I store my mists in a vintage Coke crate - I recently added little labels to the lids so I can see the colors without pulling them out. 

Thanks so much for sharing your amazing creativity with us, Lisa!

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