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Sometimes (or well, ok - oftentimes) - it's simply just fun to create, to play - without having to think about a socalled real purpose. That's why I love the 4 by 4 inch canvas, which gives me just enough place to play with without making me feel like "hmm ok, what to add now?" at any stage.

Here I decided to have a go and utilize the Mixed Shapes Mini Chipboard Set, using the rounded tiles from this set and dress them up with patterned paper. I then decided to add one chipboard-shape per tile (and a wooden button - love these so had to add one!), and just arrange them to create a minicanvas which can easily be gifted to younger children as decoration for their rooms.

For some of the chipboards, like the bird and the cup - I gessoed them first before spraying Maya Mist upon them. While the bird was sprayed with Popsicle Blue Mist from afar just once, creating the splatches and splotches you can see on the bird, the cup was thoroughly sprayed with Granny Smith Apple Green Mist then immediately had the mist removed by tapping a sheet of tissue paper/soft cloth to yield that soft, washed look.

And as you can from the wooden button, I love to create this whitewashed, random look by applying very little and almost dried out gesso/paint with my fingers randomly on the button. I almost think I prefer the buttons like this, as pretty much all my past buttons have the same look!

As for a more intense, almost satinlike look, just spray away multiple times with the mist upon a raw piece of chipboard, like on this cat (Earl Grey Mist - lovely!) or the top left star or right bottom heart (Dragon Fruit Pink Mist). Notice the difference in intensity when sprayed on raw chipboard and on gessoed (cupcake, middle)? Yes, it's the same color used - just upon different surfaces :)


Chipboard - Mixed Shapes Mini Chipboard Set (the tiles and asterisk), Supernova Chipboard (star)Green Thumb Mini Set (star, top left), Autumn Mini Chipboard Set (cat), Birds w/Cages (um, bird!)

Maya Mist - Granny Smith Apple Green, Earl GreyDragon Fruit PinkPopsicle Blue

Other - Alterable Wood Button


Thanks so much for looking!


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