Diy Pincushion Mason Jars

Leah Farquharson | Maya Road

The holiday season is rolling around awfully quickly – too quickly if you ask me (SEVEN Saturdays until Christmas?! Say it isn’t so!). I’ve been brainstorming on lots of ideas to share – gift giving, making, packaging, recipes and decor – because seriously, who doesn’t love the holidays?

Before heading to quilt market, I put together a few fun projects for the Maya Road booth! These cute DIY pincushion mason jars will make fun gifting for the upcoming holidays! You could fill them with just about anything… They were simple to whip up, and just took a jar, a few scraps of fabric, and a very small amount of batting.

I found the easiest way to assemble them was to lay my fabric wrong side up on my table, add a bit of batting, lay my jar lid on top, then sandwich all of them together into the jar lid ring. Once I figured out what needed adjusting (more/less batting, moving my fabric around, etc.), I removed the flat lid/batting/fabric bundle and added a bit of hot glue around the inside of the jar lid ring to make it easier to remove and replace the lid to take things out.

I loved filling them with little balls of twine that I wrapped up to add a bit of color.

I  can totally picture a favorite candy, treat, or crafting supply (like washi tape, pins, or pretty flowers!) filling these to give as not only a fun gift, but a great way to store it! Who doesn’t love holiday gift packaging that doubles as storage?

Happy holiday crafting!

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