Family New Years Resolution Placemats

Deborah Liu | Mommy School

Each year we do Family New Years Resolutions as a family.  We collectively brainstorm something to work on, and we each pick something for one another.  This year, J and D decided to stick with last years, and B decided to pick something new.  


  • Draw the frame around the edge for the kids to add their drawings
  • Have them lightly sketch their work with a pencil 
  • Trace over with Sharpie
  • Erase the pencil
  • Then color using color pencils or crayons

D working on thumbsucking, B working on her attitude, J working on complaining  

B asking for us to travel as a family more 

D asking for more hugs and kisses 

After you are done with the art, remove from notebook and seal inside of a self-laminating pouch.  This will then allow you to make your resolutions are part of every day meals.  

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