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Hi Roadies! I have a little confession to make.  This banner actually started out as Santa Clause, hense the title. But midway through, the project took on a "life of it's own" and ended up as this snowman.  So I ended up changing the last "Ho" to Snow!!! :)

The banner itself is pretty straight forward. But there are just a few things I'd like to mention about the construction.

  • To hang the banner I used some Zipper Trim that was looped and then sewn between two  Mitten Coasters.  The mittens were then glued behind the first and last chipboard pages of the banner.
  • To keep the head of the snowman from flopping over  when hung, attach some  wire or string to the back to give it some extra support.

  • After covering a Snowflake Coaster  page with patterned paper, adhere half of a felt pom pom to the center. Cover six Mini Spools with patterned paper and use Vintage Pearl Trinket Pins to hold them in place in the felt ball. (A little glue was also applied to each pin and spool before inserting into the felt).
  • To add some dimension to the coaster, cut six triangles, fold them in half and adhered them inbetween the spools on the coaster.

Here are a few close ups before I go.

Have a great week, Roadies!


Maya Road Supplies:
Mixed Half Circle CB Banner Album
Let It Snow - Stamp Set
Vintage Snowflakes
Alterable Buttons
Bingo Numbers (brown)
Winter Roses (Aquamarine)
Vintage Round Pearl Pins
Leaf Trinket Pins
Zipper Trim (Ruby Red and Lilac Pink)
Mini Scallop Set
Mini Spools
Christmas Shapes Keychain (gingerbread man)
Christmas Tree Coaster (nose)
Snowflake Coaster
Mitten Coaster
Iridescent Glitter
Vintage Pearl Pins
New York Uppercase CB Alphabet
Page from Half Circle Binder (for snowman's head)

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