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This is a the Maya Road Bungalow on an altered ribbon roll which makes a cute little stand for the house!

I took step by step pictures and added text to them with basic directions.  I will add any tidbits that I can think of to make this project more clear.  DO NOT be intimidated by this house, it's actually not very difficult to make.
   I really want to make a set of all 3 Maya Road houses to put on my mantle for the Holiday season.  They are one of my favorite Maya Road products and I have made quite a few of them over the last couple of years!

Supply List-
Maya Road Bungalow
Maya Road Chandelier Beads
Maya Road Red Sequins Trim

Snowflakes Mini Chipboard Set
Maya Road White Pigment Ink
Royal Red Scallop Ric Rac
Jonathon Rubons

Small metal jump rings (jewelry aisle of craft store)
white/snow glitter
glue made for glitter
Fabric-Tac (Fabric Glue)
2 1/2 pieces of coordinating holiday paper
Needle nose pliers
empty ribbon spool
fine tip black pen
Scallop paper punch
Silver pipe cleaner
mini pearls or jewels
paper piercer
white paint
paint brush
paper trimmer
Glossy Accents-Clear Dimensional Gloss

Using your small hole punch on your Cropadile, punch out each dot. 

Also Color 5 snowflakes from the Mini Snowflake set.  4 little ones and 1 bigger one. (Note- each pkg. of snowflakes comes with 3 of each style in each size.  I used an extra little snowflake from an additional pack.  You can do this if you have 2 packages of mini snowflakes or just pick 2 small matching for each side.  As long as the 2 on the same side match it's fine that they don't match the ones on the other side.  You won't see both sides of the house at the same time anyway.)
Set aside to dry.

I find the sequin trim easier to use if I remove the top sequin to give me some string to hold with my fingers. 

If you have extra glue that you need to remove, just take a piece of scrap paper and wipe it off. 

Also glitter all 5 snowflakes.  Set aside to dry.

I actually ended up wiping a little bit of the end of these drips...they just got too long..I used too much glue.  So, go can always add more if you need too.

In the picture above, you can see how I added extra glue...I needed to fill in a bit, the glue line was too thin. I added glitter to my fill in glue and it blended right in. 

Cover door with same paper as the roof scallops.  Trim excess paper off.  Adhere onto house.  Wrap silver pipe cleaner around door and trim.  Adhere down to door border with Fabric Glue.  
  Cover heart and shutters with paper and outline with a fine black pen.  Adhere to door with "JOY" sign made from a strip of paper, 2 tiny pearls and Jonathon Rubon letters.  Adhere larger snowflake to center front of roof line and add a pearl to the center.

Adhere windows, shutters and small snowflakes to the center of the window shutters using Fabri-Tac.

Be sure to cover the bottom of the house if you plan on using the ribbon spool to elevate the house.  If you don't, then the bare bottom of the house will be exposed!  :O  Oh My!

Since my tutorial post is soooo long, i think that I will post how to cover the ribbon roll on my own blog.  So if you have any questions about the ribbon spool, hopefully I will get them answered on my own blog post,

Thanks for joining me for another really LONG blog post!

~Katie Watson

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