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My niece lives an eight-nine hours drive from me (one hour with plane and one hour with car approx), hence - I don't get to see her all too often. But when we do - I make sure to have my camera close to me and sneak in a few photos and photosessions every now and then, prompting her to ask me this question last time she stayed with us: "Auntie, how come you always have to snap a lot of photos of me when I see you?". She wasn't really up for the role as a lensbug at that time. I beamed my brightest smile and explained to her; "Why, I don't get to see you as often as I'd like you know - that means I'll have to grab my chances whenever I can!".

Lucky me, she understood my point and was more cooperative after that, and I got to snap both portraits and documentary-style-photos of her after that. Whee! That makes me a happy auntie ;)

I used the kraft-tags for my journaling (which's her question & my answer, as retold above) - first using the photography-stamp, then printing the journaling on the remainer of the tag. I love how the Maya Road clear stamps always yields such crisp print with gorgeous details - and uhm, as a scrapbooker (and most likely also someone interested in photography) it's pretty impossible to not love the various camera-stamps, even if you happen to be one of those that's not into using stamps on your layouts! Perfect as a little accessory to your journaling or embellishments, like here!

I wanted the intense, satinlike feel you get when spraying Maya Mist upon raw chipboard for the hearts, but for the layered flower I decided I wanted a little variation in the strength/hues - hence the bottom flower was gessoed, sprayed then patted clean with a cloth, yielding a brighter/uneven red hue than the top, which had mist sprayed directly upon raw chipboard.

With that many little chipboard-embellishments that were dressed or sprayed on this layout, I figured the numbers would get to stay raw.

Hope you enjoyed the little story behind this layout!

Supplies used:
Say Cheese Clear Stamps
Road Rage Signs (the hearts)
Kraft shipping tags
Maya Mist - Dragon Fruit Pink



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