Itty Bitty Halloween-ish Brag Book

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Dina here with a easy & cute itty bitty Halloween-ish brag book that you can make to give to friends & family. The book is tiny and oh so fun! I learned how to make this from the 2002 Autumn Leaves book "Designing with Texture."


To create the book, I glued the two pieces of patterned paper together (wrong sides together). I splattered one side with orange paint. When it was dry, I folded the paper at 2.25" and 4.5", so it would fold together to create a little book. I rounded the corners of the top flap. I sewed around the outside edge of the cover, and I stapled the slide holder strip into one of the folds (notice the staple below in the crease to your left). To make the slide holder fit into the book, you simply fold it up where the slide pockets divide from one another.

To decorate the front of the book, I painted two little scrolls with green paint. I coated the stick pins in glue and dipped them in purple glitter to make them a fun Halloween purple. I glued the scrolls onto the cover, and then added the ribbon, flower, and stick pins (once they were dry). To keep the book closed, I added velcro under the flap.

The book holds 2"x2" photos. They fold and tuck into the book, which is perfect for sharing! Happy Halloween!

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