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Good morning SCT friends, Lindsay here! First, I am just so grateful to be here sharing what I LOVE with all of you. Beginning the journey of 2016 using my Heidi Swapp Memory Planner this year has never been more exciting.  Planner’s are all the rage, and I just love watching everyone embracing their creative side…all the while documenting their lives with photos and words! Truly makes my heart so happy!

With that being said, I am beyond honoured this year to contribute my creative take and share my own personal planner journey here on the Scrapbook & Cards Today blog with all of you! I hope you will join me on this journey as I am very excited to share one of my most favourite ways to document and scrapbook my life.

 I am going to begin this series by sharing a look into my favourite pages from this month and some of the topics I thought would be great to talk about this year as we embark on this journey and create our planners.​

You will see that I am such a visual person.  I love anything pretty.  I love glitter and stickers and words.  And I want to SEE it all.
The Heidi Swapp 6x8 Planner comes with these wonderful photo sleeves.  I adore filling these up each and every month.  Even though they are intended for photos, I always seem to fill mine up with other goodies instead.  I love to add stickers, 2x2 cards with words or phrases and other cards that I just love to see when I first open my planner.

You will also quickly notice my love for Instax prints as well.  Yes, I am obsessed and they will fill a ton of my pages in 2016.  I will definitely be doing a photo feature one of these upcoming months, talking about all of the different and fun ways to add photos into your planners…so stay tuned!

These 2x2 cards are one of my latest planner favourites.  These specific ones are by Jen Hadfield from her new collection called DIY Home.  They are so fun to add into these photo sleeves.  The best part is that they actually originated as one 12x12 sheet of patterned paper. I simply cut them out and popped them in.  Aren’t all of the different fonts and phrases just gorgeous? 

Again, more photos. I can never have or take enough.

I love to capture photos here that I have taken close to the first of the month.  That way when I am looking back once the year is over I can see just how much has changed….and how much has stayed the same.

Next up, calendar pages!

Here is where I love to capture a “birds eye view” of my life at the moment.  I love to fill in daily happenings, little moments, big moments, and just random things that I felt inspired to note.I also love to add in stamping, punches and other embellishments.

Again, this calendar page will also be something that will be a feature on one of my upcoming monthly posts.  There are so many fun things to do on these pages I cannot wait to talk about them some more soon!

Other themes we will talk about this year and in the upcoming months:


Ways to creatively fill in those “empty spaces” when you just can’t seem to find the words…or the time to fill them in! ;)

Different ways to using planner products, such as these fun transparencies…

Photos!  All of the different types and sizes of photos, printing photos, photo sleeves. There are so many fun ways to add in photos to your planner.  I cannot wait to talk about this one! 

Ways to use washi, puffy stickers and other cute icons.

The benefits of adding in extra pages to your planner…and how easy it is to do so!  Think extra space for MORE STUFF!

And last but not least…ways to use up what we’ve got!  I know our stash is FULL of so many awesome products (like stamps) that are just begging to be put to use.  Stamping in my planner is one of my most favourite things to do, so I cannot wait to talk about that as well.

~ Lindsay

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