Kid's Flower Hair Garland

Caroline Lau | Mommy School

My kiddo saw a hair garland the other day at the store. She had saved up some of her money and wanted to buy one. I told her that she should try her hand at making one since we had a bunch of supplies at home. She agreed.

So we gathered our supplies:

  1. glue gun/glue stick
  2. fold over elastic
  3. flowers and leaves from Maya Road
  4. scissors

First we cut the elastic to fit around her head plus about 5". This allows her to tie it how she wants to when she is wearing it.

Next she laid out the flowers around the band as she wanted it. 

The trick to glue guns is to teach them how to use them early. She was careful with the glue and where her hands were as she glued along.

And in the areas she had some gaps she filled them in with paper flowers. In about 15 minutes we had a beautiful garland!

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