Kid's Moose Ornament Project

Caroline Lau | Maya Road, Mommy School

How easy it it to document your kiddo's feet and hands with these fun moose ornaments!

here is a list of what you need to get started:

1. felt (brown for the antlers and light brown for the face and scraps for the eyes) from one 9" x 12" piece i could make 2 moose from my 2 year old's hand and feet size.

2. chenille stems (1/moose)

3. fabric glue

4. googly eyes

5. buttons (for nose)

6. stuffing (i used some fluffed up cotton balls since i didn't have any handy)

7. hanger ribbon (i used maya road double stitch velvet)

8. scissors, scrap paper and pen.


1. trace your kiddo's feet and hands on scrap paper and cut two pieces each out of the 2 brown felts.

2. next stuff the "Feet" piece with the cotton and glue the edges. then cut 2 white circles for the eyes and glue on. add the googly eyes and button nose (noah chose the blue noses).

3. next take your chenille stems and cut them in half. glue to the back of the antlers. these will help them to stand up since the felt is "floppy"; this will also allow you to pose the antlers if you want.

4. glue the antlers to the back of the head. then you can add some foof if you want like this one (but noah said he didn't like the foof so we just added the hanger); the bow was made by taking muslin and wetting it then misting it with our maya mist.

5. finally, take a sharpie and write your kiddo's name, date and age on it. i thought it would be fun to see these and how they grow with your kiddos!

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