Make Yourself A Charging Station

Belly Lau | Maya Road

DIY home decor is one of my favorite, especially making those where I can't find anywhere, and I've got myself already an idea on how it should be look like.

You know what, this charging station was made as requested by my hubby, he said, "I think you can make anything, let's make one charging station and it wouldn't look messy here when the phones are charging, and they are not going to be fall down from the cabinet easily." So then ...... here it is!

I didn't make it shabby as I think it is for family, but sorry, I still put a big red bloom on it, ha. Next to the flower, I hide a wood token as well as a compass charm, this my style, like me, I'm a shine one.


I hide another clock charm top of the burlap bow, it's so cute, isn't it?

The other favorite of mine, other than the charms, are the trims. I love the natural white color and they just match perfectly with my fave vintage look projects.



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