Maya Mist Tutorial

Caroline Lau

So we often get questions about our Maya Mists and our favorite way to use them.  Let's start with the basics. We have lots of different Maya Mists in many many different colors - some are what we call base colors (no metallic in them) and some are metallic colors (which does have metallic).

The original intent of our mists has been for our chipboard. Chipboard is a lovely lovely thing. You can cover it with paint, patterned paper and more. But the easiest thing is our formulation of Maya Mists which gives a nice even opaque coverage to our chipboard. It can take grey chipboard and offer you an endless ream of possiblities.

I took out some of our new lovely Maya Mists (from our Early Winter Release) to show you how easy it is to mist.

Love our new skinny 1 oz bottles. Each bottle has a simple swatch on top of each bottle of what the color is:

Tutorial 1 - Misting Basics

So I started out with our Antique Silver Mist and some of our Ornate Tags Chipboard. You will see I am using a cardboard box to contain everything. This was an old Diet Coke box. If you want to save good misting boxes, layer some newsprint inside and as you spray take out the soaked layers and you will still have a lovely box to use later.

Now when you spray, swirl the mist  - do not do vigorous shaking. Vigorous shaking causes air bubbles to form in the bottle and then when you are misting it gets sucked up into your pump. When that happens, it causes your pump to sputter and your mist to come out all crazy spurts.

When you are misting hold your mist at a 45 degree angle and about 6 to 8 inches from your chipboard. This will give you the most even coverage. If you hold it too much closer to your chipboard you will tend to overspray as the mists will not have time to soak into your chipboard. If you hold it much further away, you will tend to not get even coverage and waste your mists (but that can be a neat technique too which we will save for another day)

Next spray 2-3 coats and your chipboard will look like this:

And to show you how quickly Maya Mist dries on our chipboard - check out this series of photos taken approximately 10 second apart of our Antique Patina Maya Mist:

And check out our 3 new Maya Mists in action (Antique Silver, Antique Bronze and Antique Patina)

Tutorial 2 - Mixing It Up

 We are now going to work with the base colors and see what mixing in some metallics will look like.

I started off with the Butternut Squash Orange Maya Mist:

Next after I allowed it to dry, I put a light coat of the Antique Silver Metallic Mist on the outside frame and it looks like this:

Again, you can layer different metallics onto our base color Mists for a totally different look (try also our Silver Plated or Iridescent on base colors for neat looks). Here is the what it can look like:

And here is what all the base colors look like from our new release as part of our chipboard banner minis. The scalloped parts are the base colors with quick spritz of Antique Silver over them. So pretty!

Tutorial 3 - Masking

Masking is another great technique you can use for our chipboard. Check out these snowflakes layered on top of our star coaster album. Now I wanted to use the Antique Patina Mist to give it a good color:

I sprayed the Antique Patina Mist and then lifted it off to reveal this:

I also saved the snowflakes so that I could use them on a project later:

And that is it! Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial using our Maya Mists. Will be back to show you some more techniques using it!


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